HTML5,CSS3, which comprises of HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript enables our Company web experts in creating stunning websites and web applications that are consistent across multiple platforms and multi supported browsers compatibility. It is cross-platform in nature, and supports mobile app development for different browsers.

Our Company designers opted for a parallax scrolling technique to provide a new perspective to our users. Our designers creatively designed all webpage that showcased the company profile in a manner that has been instantly attracted and engaged users comfortably.


PHP is our most preferred open source programming language for development projects.Bangalore Media Works builds personalized web applications such as B2C, B2B and e-commerce solutions and offers custom web development services which will be solely powered by PHP.

company leverages widely used open source frameworks to develop different types of web applications for our customers based on their requirements. These include rapid development PHP frameworks such as CakePHP, Python frameworks, Django, PERL based Mojolicious.

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